Mike Waite
Mike Waite 1940 - 2020

A Message from Mike Waite

I have now retired from active rider training but if you require top-line training read on.

Knowing I was to retire from motorcycle training I wanted to have instructors in place who were properly trained to a very high standard and who could carry on where I left off.

I have pleasure in informing you that there are now three instructors who have been trained by me in advanced police riding techniques to instructor level.

The courses they have completed have been very comprehensive and include a course that brought them up to a very high standard of police advanced riding techniques.

The three were selected by me to go ahead in stages to become fully qualified instructors. The next stage was to teach them a commentary course. This is a method of communicating by radio to a student.

It is a running commentary explaining all the necessary techniques, pointing out, adjusting and explaining, how, why and the advantages of doing it the correct way.

If the potential instructor did not reach the high standard that I demanded he would not be recommended by me. The third part of the course was to put the high standard of riding, commentary and instructing together.

I have been, and still am, very passionate in the way I wanted to teach riders the police way. I can assure you that the instructors I recommend are top instructors.

I feel very confident that any of them can give you training second to none. All of my recommended instructors are fitted with the latest radio communications.

It is important that, when looking for a trainer, you select one who has the necessary qualifications. There are so many people who claim to be advanced instructors who have no qualification at all.

At this time there is no restriction as to who calls themselves instructors for advanced training, anyone can do this. You can rest assured that the instructors that I have trained come with my personal recommendation.

Terry Dodd is a Mike Waite trained and recommended instructor.

Kind regards

Mike Waite

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