SortedRide Advanced Motorcycle Training

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you do CBT training or Direct Access training?

A. No sorry, my course is advanced only for riders who have their full licence and a machine of their own which is capable of the national limit.
You can find novice training schools near to you by going to the goverment web site and entering your post code.

Q. Is certification from this course recognised, for example by insurance companies?

A. Yes. As I am also a DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme Trainer you'll get that certificate. I add the assessment / certificate to the course because as a government body the DVSA have got most insurers to give a discount for it.

Q. I would love to give some of my time as a blood biker to give something back to the community, will your course enable me to do this?

A. Yes, if you buy (and pass) the optional Advanced Test.

Q. I want to book a three day course but can't get the days off work, can my course include a weekend?

A. Yes. I'm happy to do weekends as well as weekdays at no extra cost. For example you can book Friday Saturday Sunday or Saturday Sunday Monday, but remember to book your dates early because weekend dates are popular.

Q. Isn't Advanced Training boring?

A. Not the way we do it. It will be hard work but exciting and a great deal of fun; a learning curve that will totally transform your motorcycle riding.

Q. Should I get some more practice and get better before doing a course?

A. Riders often feel that they need to sharpen up their skills BEFORE the course but this is not so at all. Simply COME AS YOU ARE as I feel sure that your course will sort everything out for you.

Q. I'm interested in a course but my partner has been riding for a long time, wouldn't he be wasting his time to come along as well?

A. Many riders say they enjoy the course even more because of doing it with others because they get a break while watching the other riders "up front" and say they learn just as much watching them (remember you are listening over the radio all the time). It may be that your partner has nothing to learn but usually over the years a rider simply gets better at doing it the wrong way.

Q. I've tried going out with my local advanced riding group but my observer took off into the distance and I felt pressured to go faster than I was comfortable with. Would I find this the same on your course?

A. This is not an uncommon experience. Rest assured you will NOT be asked or expected to ride faster than you are comfortable with. The courses are NOT ABOUT SPEED. They are about learning the principals and techniques that can keep you safe at any pace you choose for your future riding. The courses are conducted at moderate speed because you can learn more by having the time to consider all the finer points that I am teaching you.

Q. I want to do a course but I do not have a bike at the moment, do you provide bikes?

A. No, we do not have that facility but you can do the course on a bike that you have hired (rented) for yourself.