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Police Advanced Riding Techniques DVD by Mike Waite

The bikers bible in video and sound. See the real police system which has never before been explained in such detail.

A Biker's Master Class 80 Minutes of Pure Golden Wisdom

DVD of Police Advanced Riding Techniques

Demonstrates and explains the police riding system as applied to everyday riding

Sorry, the DVD is not currently available

There is no doubt in my mind that this motorcycle DVD represents the very best bit of kit that you can get! I believe every rider should have one of these motorbike DVDs.

This Police Advanced Riding DVD is original, there are no others like it. It explains UK police motorbike riding techniques in detail, and has been created by Mike, an ex-police motorcycle rider and instructor, with the aim of presenting the major features of the police system to the general public.

It is a safe and repetitive system, followed by police motorbike riders.

There is a comprehensive section on the visual point sometimes referred to as the vanishing point. When understood and put into practice it will tell the rider the severity of any bend and is the basis of the system. If you know which type of bend you are approaching you will know which position to be in.

It also teaches you to look into the far distance which is not a natural thing to do. We do not hold these positions for no reason but for practicalities. It gives the rider an advantage - if it didn't the rider should not be there.

Combined with the visual point is dead ground. Dead ground is any part of the road you can not see due to the curvature or nature of the road. For example you are riding towards a left hand bend, any part of the road beyond the bend which cannot be seen is referred to as dead ground.

There is an interesting section on visual links. This is an easy method of informing yourself of the changing curvature of the road ahead by using obvious features you see every day when you are out riding your motorbike. One of the best visual links is houses.

Principals of position for all bends; if you think about it there are only two bends, left and right; it is the severity that catches motorcycle riders out.

Combining the visual point and dead ground with position sets you up nicely for any bend.

Never be afraid to go too slow to any bend. The object is to choose a speed that each rider is capable of doing towards any bend. This varies enormously from rider to rider.

Blind and gradual summits have a section all to themselves. Ever heard of the phrase, "picking Daisies"? On any blind summit you must consider that a vehicle is overtaking out of your view towards you. You will have no chance if you are any where near the centre of your lane. Picking daisies for motorcycles is far safer than for any other vehicle. Position is close to the near side; when safe to do so.

Another section of the motorcycle DVD concerns presenting oneself to drivers of other vehicles they cannot react to you if they cannot see you. You cannot react to them if you can not see them. Make sure you can see the whites of their eyes. I want to know what they have had for breakfast.

The video also shows a ride and asks you to consider each position and movement for what you can and cannot see. Here you will see why the police system is repetitive. This will also demonstrate the smooth riding techniques that police riders are taught.

Overtaking is the means of making progress and the video shows how this is done to a system, safely and systematically.

No problem on the straight, try it off the main overtaking bend, a right-hand bend is the main overtaking bend on UK roads which are in their very nature twisty. Do remember when viewing this section that the camera is placed on the bike. The rider can see much more from the position he is in.

The last part of the video is taken up by demonstrating the term "upping the pace". This shows Mike in an unfamiliar area and giving a full commentary using the Autocom system. Here he explains what he does on a run and his reactions to each situation.

Refreshingly this is not a video saying "You should do this, you must not do that", but it presents all the techniques in sequence to inform and demonstrate and asks you to consider all the features.

It is not a substitute for a professional motorcycle course but it does give an insight into a cracking system.

Most of the riding demonstrations on this motorcycle DVD are at a slower pace so the viewer has more time to take in all the techniques.

The DVD is new, packaged in a smart slim 6mm case and sealed in a protective cellophane wrapping. It is Region 2 (region 2 is UK, Europe & Japan) you should also be able to watch it anywhere on any computer that plays DVDs, it plays perfectly using programmes found on most computers like Windows Media Player, Mplayer, RealOne Player, Power Cinema, etc.

Most of the sequences shown on the DVD are on the open road and are not about town or city riding BUT you will see that what is important is to gain an understanding of the PRINCIPLES INVOLVED. This is what allows Police Riders to deal with whatever hazards they encounter with confidence, safety and efficiency. These principles apply to ALL riding:

  • any rider

  • any bike

  • any roads

  • any conditions

A Biker's Master Class 80 Minutes of Pure Golden Wisdom

DVD of Police Advanced Riding Techniques

Demonstrates and explains the police riding system as applied to everyday riding

Sorry, the DVD is not currently available

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