Sorted-Ride 1 to 1 Advanced Motorcycle Training

Examples of how the courses can be tailored for you

Confidence Builder

Do you want to go out on your bike but sometimes don't because there are things that you are not comfortable with?

Now you can get the full benefit of the investment that you have already made in equipping yourself with your full licence, your kit and of course, your bike.

The Confidence Builder courses are as per the Advanced with emphasis on "taking you by the hand" and guiding you through, step by step, easily and safely, so that you too can become a confident rider.

Back to Biking

As per the Advanced with emphasis on updating your skills and arming you with the techniques for defensive riding to help you to keep yourself safe in modern traffic conditions. The course also equips you with bike control techniques that allow you to cope with the higher performance / weight of modern bikes.

Easy Rider

Idea for riders who prefer a more relaxed riding style the Easy Riders courses are as per the Advanced in a style designed for maximum enjoyment of the journey as well as the destination. The course includes low speed handling techniques and how to overcome the stability problems that are so common for owners of heavy machines.

This is a perfect course for riders of Cruiser or Tourer bikes and also includes a module on carrying a pillion. Your pillion rider will be made very welcome to accompany you on the course if they want to. They will benefit from lots of useful information to help make their journey safer and more comfortable.

All the above features of the course and an additional radio for your pillion passenger are included at no extra cost.

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