Sorted-Ride 1 to 1 Advanced Motorcycle Training

Testimonials and Feedback
from Sorted Riders

Hello Terry
What an enjoyable three days training! Thank you very much!

I'm still smiling about that long left hand bend near to the Ponderosa Cafe, and about that long twisty road near to Ludlow too. I was very tired by the time I got home on Sunday evening, but very content too.

Here are a few words, Terry, which you might want to use on your website:
Over the three days of my training, Terry's calm and clear guidance helped me rapidly gain confidence and develop a new level of bike and situation control.

As my training progressed, I think that I moved on from being a cautious rider to being a much more confident rider.

If you want to boost your motorcycle riding skills, this training program and Terry's tuition are a great way to do it, and very enjoyable too.
Thank you once again Terry, Cheers.

David (Newton-le-Willows) October 2018

Motor Cycle Course Review
Having recently completed a motor cycle course with Terry Dodd I found it be excellent value for money, worthwhile and very enjoyable.

Although I have a full m/cycle licence I still consider myself to be a relative beginner. Terry is obviously extremely experienced and knowledgeable and expert in his field.

I found the one to one tuition invaluable as he pointed out so may things I had not considered before and I have found the course enables me to ride more safely and confidently.

I would strongly recommend this course to any rider no matter what their current capabilities.

Rob (Devon) September 2018

I enjoyed our 4 days riding together & thank you for your efforts to make me a better, safer rider.

If I have any message to those who have not been on this course it is that they do not realise how much safer they can ride until the have experienced it.

If you ride safer & smoother you enjoy it more. Thanks Terry

Martyn (Ashbourne) September 2018

Had a great three days with Terry, went on the course to rebuild some confidence after doing very little road riding for 3 years.

I learned more useful skills in these three days than I had in the previous 38 years of riding.

I'd recommend Terry and this course to anyone.

Tony (Shrewsbury) July 2018

Hi Terry,
Thank you for a fantastic 3 days riding, I learnt so much from you on some fantastic roads, made better by the lovely English weather and locations.

I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Your instruction and communication was clear, making my learning even more enjoyable.

I would highly recommend this course for anyone wishing to improve their riding skills.
Keep safe out there and I hope to join you again some time, best wishes

Russ (Cleveleys) July 2018

Hi Terry, just like to add some feedback from my course for you to put on your website.

From the first day of meeting Terry, I had a great understanding of what was required. Very professional in his approach and a great course with some of the best roads to learn on.

Would recommend to anyone who wants to learn.

Regards, another satisfied rider.

Terry (London) June 2018

Dear Terry

Many thanks for a very interesting 3 day course. I enjoyed it very much, the roads you took us around were some of the best roads I have ridden, and your instruction was very clear and has made my riding a more enjoyable experience

It was well worth the ride from Tipperary Ireland (and yes it is a long way) I now feel more confident with the knowledge I gained from your course.

I would recommend it for anyone wishing to improve their riding skills.

Graham (Tipperary) June 2018

Really enjoyed the course overall, a very well structured enjoyable course. Well presented with many little nuggets of wisdom shared.

First day was very tiring and a learning experience! I have been riding for 30+ years but found the first day open to new experiences. Looking at visual points and understanding the advanced principles took a little time but sunk in with patience and understanding of the instructor.

Day 2 was fantastic, the roads we used throughout Wales and Shropshire were breath-taking. Lots of good advice and a pleasure to put new techniques into practice.

Day 3 even better still……. many brilliant roads to experience new found riding techniques and put these to effective use.

After the 3 days I can honestly say that I feel completely re- invigorated – ready to use my bike to its utmost riding safely and effectively.

The systems used work extremely well and are based on sensible safe riding – lots of skills covered in the course and I would recommend to anybody who, like me, wants to improve themselves as a rider to ride safely and competently.

I was amazed at the smoothness of ride post course - felt totally relaxed and in full control of every situation whatever the traffic or road conditions or situations presented.

All in all brilliant and some of the best 3 days riding ever!! Would recommend to everyone.

Russ (Burton on Trent) May 2018

Hi Terry
Thank you very much.

It was a pleasure for me to ride with you and I definitely learned a lot.

The course is very helpful and to be honest should be mandatory. A refresher is certainly in my mind for next year.

Raul (Shrewsbury) May 2018

Dear Terry
Thank you for your excellent 3 Day Course. I enjoyed the challenge and learnt much throughout.
As a "returner" to motorcycling, having been away from it for a number of years, I found all aspects of your training to be thoroughly helpful.

Your course exceeded my expectations! My early reticence at the thought of doing the course evaporated as you encouraged me on and eased me through the learning process.

Again, thank you, a "five star course", and one that I can thoroughly recommend!

Kind regards

David (Nantwich) May 2018

Thanks for sending the Certificate and the Assessment.
Thank you also for all your help and advice.

It was much tougher than I expected; but also much more enjoyable.
I look forward to seeing you next year for a refresher.

With best regards

Mike (Longridge) August 2017

Dear Terry
Many thanks for forwarding the two forms arising from the course. I am very pleased to have them. The most important thing is to take away the information I have learned from you and keep putting it into practice.

At the ripe old age of nearly 75 one needs the reassurance of competence through renewed training. It was a challenge and a pleasure being instructed and guided by yourself.

I was made to feel welcome by you and at no time felt dominated or vulnerable.

You have a talent of making one feel completely at ease and riding in your company is a complete pleasure and gives one confidence and security.

Thank you for your help and guidance.
Yours very sincerely.

John (Clitheroe) August 2017

Hi Terry
We had a very enjoyable three days with you, topped off with the ride home yesterday through the Peak District, Buxton, Bakewell, Matlock etc. We learnt so much in such a short time and it was great to ride our local roads properly. They are actually quite different when you ride them properly!

For your website;
We were slightly nervous about doing the training course at 50mph, but there was absolutely nothing to worry about at all. Terry's Scooter flies along at any of the National speed limits.

The roads we were on for three days were some of the best Louise and I have ever ridden which were also perfect for the training. Louise no longer goes around corners in 5th and 6th gear (something she thought was normal) and I finally accepted that there should be a safer gap between me and the opposing traffic.

Louise is now revving the nuts off her CBR650f and is finding cornering so much easier, to the extent where I now have to concentrate to keep up on my Ducati... Best investment in our bikes and riding so far and can thoroughly recommend spending a few days with Terry.

Thanks once again Terry, we will be back next year for a refresher.

Roger and Louise (Cambridge) August 2017

Hi Terry, I would like to say a huge "thank you" for the amazing time I had last week - my certificate arrived in the post yesterday!

As you know, I bought Mike's DVD ahead of my course as you recommended and this probably helped somewhat in knowing what to expect from my training. However, nothing could have prepared me for the thorough, in depth, intense and focussed coaching that I received from you. It was exhausting but I enjoyed every minute!

At the start of the course, you asked me what I wanted to achieve and I told you I wanted to feel more confident cornering, over-taking and to also know that I can safely carry a pillion.

By the end of the week, I had learned all of this and so much more too. Understanding that high revs give me far more control has transformed my riding which I especially noticed on my 2-day journey back home over the weekend. Because of your training, I could focus, relax and enjoy the ride (and corners) in a way I have never been able to before. Listening to "Radio Terry" in my head all the way home also helped!

I am now working my way through "Motorcycle Roadcraft" and I look forward to continuing to build on the knowledge, skills and experience that you have given me. Warm regards

Kerry (Hastings) July 2017

Thanks Terry for an educational three days of training. The balance of instruction and demonstration was a great combination.

I really feel that what I've learned has been a great aid to my confidence on two wheels and I'm intending to build on this over the coming months.

Dan (Willaston) June 2017

Thank you for coming out of retirement to deliver the Advanced Training on a truly nostalgic and impressive machine, which transported me back to my youth and across a selection of magnificent roads around Cheshire, Shropshire and Wales.

In case any potential clients are concerned about the self-imposed speed restriction on the "speed restricted" course, please feel free to share my thoughts:

Having bought a bike for fun in the fifties and sixties, the pace of the course was spot on. I felt that I had time to take in your commentary and to act on it with consideration and reflection. We managed a few overtakes, but more importantly to others considering the course, I'd emphasise that we practiced as many as we could, and I now feel equipped to travel and "make progress" at any speed I feel appropriate in future.

I had bought the book, seen the movie, and thought I was in control... but the practical application under your guidance has transformed my approach, safety and confidence.

Your little bike assumed a commanding position on the road, and when ridden in your method, I was left wondering if I should take a trip down memory lane for my next set of wheels. And just what are my extra 800cc for?

All the best, and I hope you enjoy retirement with the occasional student to spice it up a bit!

Simon (Northwich) May 2016

Hi Terry
I wanted to say a massive thank you for my 3 day Advanced Rider Course, I can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute and feel I have come away a different rider with a different understanding and outlook to my riding.
The first time that I followed you and you gave your commentary was a real eye opener and I'll never look at a road in the same way again.
It was a pleasure to meet you, ride with you and benefit from your tuition.
I would recommend your course to anyone and everyone and I'm glad I found you just before you retire from motorcycle training so good luck for the future and if you ever come out of retirement please let me know, I'll be back for more. Thanks.

Martin Walker (Kidderminster) November 2015

Sincere thanks for an extremely beneficial course. Exhausting, but most worthwhile. Regards

Dave (Manchester) November 2015

Well, what can I say....
Thank you for my certificate and your kind note, they were on the doorstep when we returned from our weekend away. It's taken us until today (Friday) to catch up having hit the ground running and back to reality.
I'm so pleased that having contacted you and the need to organise my course sooner rather than later, it's already happened and I'm sad to think that it was over so quickly. It was an intense 3 days, I'm not used to that amount of riding; only really getting the chance to ride out on one of the days over a weekend. It was wishful thinking that it would be raining on my course, however the weather provided just that on some of it, and I'm glad to say that the learning addressed my concerns of riding in the wet conditions. You will be pleased to know that although I've not been out as yet on the motorbike, I have adapted some of the learning for use in the car...I can still hear your voice commentary in my head! Thank you for your support and knowledge on those days and I look forward to contacting you in the future on the tyre seal product. While writing, thanks for the recommendation for Sedgeford House; Lesley and Dave were attentive hosts on our stay. Best Wishes and Kind Regards

David and Jenni (Milton Keynes) August 2015

Hi Terry,
I took an indirect route home yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to apply what I learned over the previous 3 days - very satisfying. You will be reassured to know that I was able to use my newly acquired overtaking skills appropriately - most potential opportunities were rejected, the few remaining ones were completed without a whisper of uncertainty. Excellent stuff.

Thank you for a great three days; a scorcher in Cheshire, a soggy one in North Wales and a perfect one in the Peak District. I learned so much that I hope will stay with me for the rest of my riding life. I thought I new what I needed to do and just needed some guidance on applying it, I now realise that I had so much more to learn.

You are a great instructor: clear, specific and timely. However, I'm still not sure if you were joking about the risks posed by bad lads on overhead bridges! Best wishes,

John (Loughborough) July 2015

Hi Terry,
just writing to let you know how much I enjoyed your 5 day Advanced Rider course. "We don’t pull your ride apart" was probably the phrase that most attracted me to your course.

Your tuition on road position, using the "visual point" and planning ahead while riding has transformed the way I ride.

I now truly enjoy riding the bike, knowing the safest and most advantageous position to hold on the road, your instruction on the "following position" and planing ahead for overtaking with authority while exiting bends was a real eye opener.

400 miles seemed like a long way to go for an advanced rider course. I’m glad I did. Thanks again for your time, patience and excellent instruction.

Colin (Aberdeen) September 2014

Hi Terry,
great to see you again and nice to ride in warmer conditions. I wish that I could say dryer, but will have to settle for warmer. It was really great to come back and do the ride behind as a refresher. I felt that I was moving in concert with you before you even said anything over the radio. I learned some new roads and enjoyed some nice pubs and had a lot of fun hanging out.

I suggest that you eat something other than soup if you want to grow up to be big and strong. Anyways, I am glad to see that you got some new biscuits – nice touch.
All the Best -

Mark (Wokingham) August 2014

Wow, what a fantastic course Terry!
Thanks for helping me discover that my bike had a gearbox. It is amazing how safely and swiftly you can move along when you have your bike in the right gear, I won’t be using the grass verge anymore for going around those tight bends.

It is surprising once you know what you are looking for how many hazards there are on our roads, after only a few hours they started crawling out of the woodwork but with the expert tuition and the practice, those hazards no longer present a danger to either myself or other road users.

I liked the course so much that I have booked another 2 days for next year as I am sure there will be one or two aspects that I will need to refresh and I would like to continue to hone my skills learning the only way, the professional way.
Best Regards,

Max (Guildford) 06/08/2013

Hi Terry
Managed to get back to Berkshire after 3 full days riding with you and still thinking over all the great places we went and how much fun riding my bike became after your instruction.

It was a fantastic experience and I am convinced that I am now a significantly better / safer ride than before the course. After day 2, which was quite intense for me, I was quite surprised by how relaxed things became as the system started to become second nature... I certainly was not as worried about getting right over to the left as I was on day 1. (OK - so there was a moment of over exuberance on day 3 but that was soon put into check)

Biggest take home was the benefit of looking up and position - properly looking up and noticing all of the clues that give me a chance to anticipate, plan and get my bike in the right place - I decided to get of the motorway and take some of the back roads through Oxfordshire on the way home and even after a long days riding, I felt more confident and relaxed (not, of course, over confident) than I ever thought I would be.

For me the course is priceless and combined with some great locations and roads, I am really pleased to have had the opportunity and I am sure this will be a life saver.

Looking forward to a refresher and have already pitched the course to a colleague. By the way if the video has come out, please send it through to me. Take care and good luck with your projects... And here is a quote I thought was apt... "I live on good soup, not on fine words." Moliere. Kind regards

Sumi (Thatcham) July 2014.

Your DVD recently saved my life, and I'm not being over-dramatic when I say that. On a road I know well, there is a sweeping left hand bend with a hump-back bridge half way through. Last night I was approaching the hump-back and, remembering your words (as I do with every turn of the wheels) I "mowed the daisies", i.e. held a line in the left hand kerb. And flying over the hump-back towards me came an old BMW 5-series full of young lads, doing around 60 in a 30 and completely on my side of the road. Had I been a couple of feet further out, my wife would now be a widow.
Thank you.

John Muzzlewhite JP. 25/06/2013

Hi Terry,
Just back home after riding 172 miles back to Reading. You suggested that I take the A50 and instead I took the A51. What a terrible mistake and terrible road, full of speed cameras. I would not recommend it. I did however find some amazing roads on the way home through Oxford and Henley and had a chance to really try out my new found skills. I would highly recommend the B4001 from Gaydon to Banbury and the B4074 from Oxford to Henley.

Okay - about our 3 days – As I told you, I have been on and off motorcycles since I was very young back in the 60’s and now that I am 50, I am really back riding heavy. In the last year I rode 26 different bikes 18,000 miles. For my 50th birthday I bought myself a new Hayabusa and beefed it up to 182 bhp at the rear tyre. Mid-life crisis – perhaps. Anyway, I owned it 4 months and put on more than 2,000 miles and still never felt confident in the corners. Therefore, I started looking for some advance training.

My neighbour recommended the IAM and also ROSPA, which he firmly swears by although he doesn’t 100% agree with all of their methods. I ride with him a lot and can clearly see that he has improved a great deal due to the training. In fact, I could not keep up with him in the corners on his BMW RT 1200.

I thought I would give it a try and went to one of those 3rd Sunday of the month meets at the local school. What an intimidating zoo. I crept out the back door to avoid being mobbed and rode off as quick as I could – definitely not for me. So how would I get some advanced training? I thought about ROSPA, but was concerned that some ego maniac would tear apart my ride and make me feel worse.

I searched around on the net and found your site. I liked the words – we do not pull apart your ride. I thought about it and figured Cheshire was bit too far and wasn’t quite sure. Some months went by and I started a search again for advanced training and again found you. Okay, why not call? Best thing I ever did. One thing I will never forget from that call was your answer to my question. You asked, what do you want to achieve and I answered, I want to learn to corner better and faster with more confidence. I said, there are so many different types of corners and you answered, there are only two – left and right.

This did not make sense until after the first day. By the third day, wow – I was really moving out and could really feel the difference. I loved the fast roads we took and how confident I felt. The techniques really work and the only real magic is that of observation and visibility. I had always ridden with my head down and looked only the short distance around me and didn’t really drive through the bends. In the first few miles as you followed me, you said – there is a lorry making a turn up ahead and I thought, what lorry? I didn’t realise you were looking 3 miles ahead – wow. I also loved the curved building at the top of the hill and street lamps – great observations that really show you the shape of the roads. I loved the calmness of your voice over the radio and never once felt nervous, like under instruction.

Once I got my head up and really looked around and observed my surroundings, what a difference.

Thanks again for the 3 days Terry and for sure I will be back. –

Mark – March 2013.

Hi Terry,
here is my feed back from last weeks course

"Fantastic". This course should be mandatory for every motorcyclist. Undertaking the course on my recently purchased 1340cc Harley Davidson Soft Tail Heritage, with my wife as pillion rider, and having not rode a motor cycle in 14 years, embeded the moto "LIVE TO RIDE", "RIDE TO LIVE". We certainly learned how to "RIDE TO LIVE", I gained, confidence, experiance, and a safe way to ride, that just can't be equalled, riding my motorcycle will never be the same again. Thank you so much for your time, patience, and the expertise that you passed on to both of us, to those of you reading this feed back, you have already taken the first step to the safest available way of riding your motorcycle today. Regards,

Malcolm E (Cumbria)

Morning Terry
Thanks again for your tuition both on my 3 day course and the additional day with the boss, sorry wife, as pillion. Having not ridden for 15 years and having had a recent poor experience with a local advanced instructor I was beginning to think that advanced riding was not for me. As you know I was a little concerned that I was not ready for your course. Had my riding improved half as much as it did by the end of the course I would have been satisfied. Your training technique offers a relaxed approach to an intensive 3 days riding and tuition tailored to a rider's personal requirements that my wife and I benefited from enormously. My riding is smoother, I make better progress and, most importantly, I am a safer rider. We now have the confidence to fulfil our ambition to tour in Europe. I would recommend your course to any rider (and pillion) looking for advanced instruction and to get more from their riding experience. A pleasure to have met and ridden with you.

Gary V, (Wirral) July 2012

Hi Terry,
Thanks for your tuition, my husband had not been on a bike for 15 years and he wanted to build his confidence especially with a pillion passenger. The day flew by as did the 160 miles covered. To hear your instructions and observations via the headset made all the difference to my understanding of Gary's riding, especially the importance of observation and where the bike needed to be positioned on the road for safety. I appreciated your tips on pillion riding and how to brace myself using the rider and the bike in the event of hard braking. Overall, I found it an extremely useful and enjoyable day and it gave both myself and my husband more confidence riding together. Many thanks,

Jacqui V, (Wirral) July 2012

Hi Terry,
very pleased to receive my certificates today. Many thanks for your kind comments. Missing the riding this week but I did get out on sunday, sticking to the system of course. I will book a refresher with you next year and in the meantime I wish you every sucess with the business. Once again please do not hesitate to give my contact number 07813[..available on request] to anyone contemplating undergoing training as I would be only too happy to recommend you and your methods.

Regards Neil.

[Extract from a copy of a letter sent to a biking magazine by a SortedRide student]
Having just returned to motorcycling after a 25 year break I thought I required more than a short course and started to search the internet. I found SortedRide advanced bike training, which teaches the Mike Waite techniques, of the Police system. After a telephone call to the instructor (Terry Dodd), and his assurance that my lack of experience would not be a problem, as the courses were tailored to an individuals needs, a course was booked. The course was absolutely fantastic! I would recommend it to any reader. We travelled along some of the best roads through Wales, Shropshire and Derbyshire, with full instruction, via the Auto-Com system. The course and method of instruction seemed more like a biking holiday than training, and I can now say that I am riding more smoothly, quickly and now with the ability and confidence to position and read the roads better.

Brian (Wigan)

Hi Terry
I thought I would pass on some comments about my recent 3 day training course you may wish to use on your website.

As a long distance commuter (120+ miles a day around the M60), investing in riding skills seemed like one of the better investments I could make. I found the 3 days quite challenging at times and, if I'm completely honest, a little frustrating. After all, I have ridden for a number years without incident and some of the techniques and approaches you advocated seemed a little unnatural to me. However, a few weeks on from the course (and already 2,000 miles more on the clock), here are my thoughts:

First and foremost, I'm riding more smoothly and more confidently and more quickly. On my regular commute, I am now seeing easy and relaxed overtaking opportunities which I would not have attempted prior to your training. I'm enjoying riding more. I have a more consistent mind set and approach when I get on the bike which leaves me better prepared for the ride ahead. I ride my bike every day now, whereas before the course I found myself regularly making excuses to take the car.

Like developing any skill, there's no substitute for one to one guidance and repetition. You can read all you want about the perfect golf swing but the only way to acquire that skill is by practice with someone pointing out what you're doing wrong and by giving positive reinforcement when you're getting it right. The specific conclusions for motorcycle training is firstly, it will take time and secondly bike to bike communications are essential. There's no inner riding god waiting to be unlocked by a few words in the pit lane followed by a couple of fast laps round Cadwell Park in a group of 20. You can't learn a musical instrument or a sporting skill like that and you can't learn good motorcycling like that either.

The system you employ is clearly tried and tested and brilliantly thought through. You have an excellent understanding of its principles and can observe and expertly coach the minutiae of rider's behaviour. I would say to other riders that they should be confident that the training will progressively make more and more sense and even though this might not be obvious on day 1, they should have faith. Many thanks for the course, I got a lot out of it and look forwards to occasional refresher training in the future.

Dave (Whitchurch)

Hi Terry,
Just wanted to thank you for an excellent three days out on the bike. The course was worth every penny and I feel 100% better on the road and far more confident in my own abilities. I appreciated your calm method of instruction which never gave me cause to worry. Thanks again and I will be recommending you to my biker pals.

Amanda (Cheshire)

Dear Terry,
Just a few lines to thank you sincerely for a great three days of advanced tuition. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and can't believe, that considering I was ''a good rider'' with years of experience, how much I still had to learn. Your method of instruction, your routes and your expertise and experience make for easy learning and enjoyment. I would certainly recommend your course to any of my friends. Regards,

John Williams (Ireland)

Dear Terry,
I wanted to thank you for the excellent training course. The police techniques advanced riding course has transformed my riding. I am enjoying every minute of my riding now and can't wait to get out on the bike. I have confidence I never had before and look forward to every ride. I really can't thank you enough for your help. I now have a smile on my face every time I go out riding :) The course and DVD are worth every single penny!! Thanks again

Paul (London).

Hi Terry
Hope you are well. We completed our 8000 mile journey through Europe to Greece and back without incident. The training we did [four day advanced course] was invaluable and Irma commented often on just how much smoother and quicker everything was post training. Planning another trip for next year trans america and really have the riding bug. Best wishes,

Ed (Ireland).

Hi Terry,
Wow, what a difference doing a confidence building course with you has made. It saved my motorbiking career. It was touch and go as to whether I would sell my bike and go back to being pillion permanently. Biking is now fun, at last! I never thought my gibbering wreck could be so swiftly sorted into advanced rider. Your course certainly lives up to its name! Thank you from one who lives in the Peak District where riding is challenging from the moment you leave your door.

Marigold (Buxton)

Hi Terry,
I took the 3 day Executive 1 to 1 course having already completed the IAM advanced rider certificate.  My confidence and skills have improved loads and I feel a lot safer thanks to this course. If anyone is reading this then you must be wanting to improve your riding. This course will make you a better more observant rider. Aside from gaining extra skills and knowledge from this course I can tell you that this method of training using the AutoCom system is second to none. I really enjoyed this course and the routes we took were brilliant. Can't wait to get out on the bike again. Thanks for all your advice and help I really enjoyed this course. All the best,


Well Terry
I have to say this course has made the world of difference to my riding. As I said during the 3 days, it's incredible how much more enjoyable riding is when you anticipate whats ahead and understand what is happening. I feel more confident and guess what, my wrists don't ache anymore! It was a pleasure to spend the 3 days riding with you and thank you so much for looking after me through the trials of a puncture in the middle of nowhere. Everyone who reads this get punctureseal'd! It's worth the peace of mind. I couldn't recommend this course highly enough and every rider should give it a go. Take care Terry and thank you again for a great 3 days riding and tuition. Your voice still echoes in my ears while I am riding.

Stuart (Liverpool).

Hey Terry,
Quick note to thank you for the training recently. From my side of things I definitely enjoyed the course and it took my riding skills to a new level. I can remember your clear commentary, your advice and yoda-like skills on the road! I've been reciting the various aspects to friends and can't believe how much I picked up. Not only has my riding skills improved, corners, speed management, observation, efficiency etc, but this too has sharpened my car driving ability too. I'm more relaxed behind the wheel and see other road users as merely hazards. This is just a snippet of what I picked up and again, thank you for your patience and clarity. For anyone doubting this course, do it now and you won't look back - "live in your mirrors"! :) Thanks again


The instructor shown (on the video DVD) is Mike Waite, an ex-police motorcycle instructor, a first class and much revered master of his art in the world of motorcycling, as is his appointed instructor, Terry Dodd. If you think you can ride a motorcycle, believe me you probably cannot with the same diligence as demonstrated in this video. I attended the Mike Waite Police Advanced Riding Techniques course with Terry as my instructor, and I highly recommend it.

John Greaves.

Hi Terry,
Thanks for a brilliant three day course, it was so enjoyable and what I got from it was second to none, my riding and my outlook on riding as changed and changed for the better, all the best,

Damon. (Blackpool)

I bought the DVD - that set the scene, I read the Roadcraft handbook that gave me the knowledge, but the three days spent with you gave me the skills. As a fairly new rider I found your approach and system easy to follow and by doing three days consecutively gave me ample time to practice and practice and practice. I used to have a few dramas whenever I went out, I of course blamed everybody else. I still see the dramas but I'm no longer involved. Thanks for making a better rider.

I bought your dvd a month or so ago and watched it once or twice, at first I thought this isn't really worth the money, BUT on sat 28/04/07 I was out for a run with my partner as pillion, we were going over "the roller coaster" section of glenshee as we come over the last blind summit and able to see the on coming straight I was confronted by a range rover on my side of the road barging its way into a row of traffic, it was a bit closer than it sounds but at the same time due to your "picking daisys" commentary I was far enough into the side of the road never to be in trouble. SO  I NOW WANT TO THANK YOU FOR YOUR DVD,  and me being able to grow a little older and still enjoy life. Yours thankfully,

Stuart Jones.

thanks again for another day's excellent instruction. You bring the Police Advanced Riding System to life with great clarity and authority. As a result, the road comes alive with warnings and clues. This afternoon there were moments, for the first time, when the bike felt part of me: as I began to know intuitively where I should be on the road, the machine seemed to come with me without me having to try. I felt lighter on the bike with my wrists more free on the grips. Again I feel my riding has been transformed and that, in one day, you have taken me to a new level.

Ian (Cardigan)

Hi Terry
Once again thanks for an enjoyable 3 days, concentrated that much I hardly noticed the rain! You have provided me with the missing bits to the jigsaw, now I have to make sure it all stays together! I would highly recommend this course to anybody looking to further develop their "skills for life". All the best.

Phil (North Wales).

Hi Terry
I had a great ride home. You have transformed my riding and I could as predicted hear your voice in my helmet all the way. Thanks ever so much for your excellent instruction, patience and great company. In terms of value for money, enjoyment of experience, amount learned in three days and outcome (transformed riding) I think the last three days has to be my best educational experience ever. I hope I can persuade some other riders to come your way. Thanks again.

Ian.C. (Cardigan).

Hi Terry,
I was only thinking of you the other day as I'm planning a trip to Spain on my bike and I've been meaning to email you for a while. I wanted to say thank you for your efforts on the course as it has made a big difference to the way I ride and as a consequence I enjoy it even more. Thank you again.

D.R. (Cleveleys).

I said I would make some constructive criticism of the course, but three days on and I still have a blank piece of paper. I joked to Terry that he should improve the standard of his cups of tea, too weak by far and the choice of biscuits is limited. But that's it. The course was well structured and professionally delivered. I asked lots of difficult questions, and Terry answered them all with a logical reasoning and understanding that can only be gained from years of practical experience. My riding has greatly improved, the days went far too quickly, and I shall return in spring to continue my quest for a better ride. Very enjoyable!

James. (Northwich)

Hi Mike,
Just to let you know what an excellent ambassador you have in Terry Dodd. I have just completed day one of three days, and find him to be both professional and enthusiastic. We had a well structured and enjoyable day, encompassing all sorts of hazards, and he has made me aware of the vast wealth of information that is available to a rider that I "knew" was there  but failed to use correctly - if at all! Whilst the IAM has introduced me to the fundamentals, your system and the way it is taught will make a tremendous difference to my ride, and I know I will revisit the course every year as my skill improves.

J. M.(Northwich).

Hi Terry,
We have just got back off our holiday to Wales, we had a great time & my co pilot (my wife} is truly impressed with my newly gained biking confidence & techniques. Many many thanks Terry, for your expert guidance. First Class 3 day training !!

B&J B (Stockport)