SortedRide Advanced Motorcycle Training

How to Book Your Course

By phone, email or use the form on the contact page.

Check the calendar pics below. Dates not crossed out in Red are available to book. In Gold you will be training with one or two others.

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2020 Course Dates Available

Last updated - Tuesday 11 February 2020

April 2020 Dates May 2020 Dates June 2020 Dates July 2020 Dates August 2020 Dates September 2020 Dates

The course days are out on the open road all day starting at 9am and ending appoximately 4:30pm. They are not run on set dates but are tailored to suit your needs.

The instruction can be 1-2-1 for a sole rider or Not 1-2-1 for small groups of 2 or 3

If you would be happy to share your dates but don't have anyone who can do them with you just book Not 1-2-1. I will show your dates in Gold so that another rider or two can book the same dates.

Dates marked in blue I have already designated as days "4" and "5" of the course, which are a little more challenging. They include, weather permitting, some higher roads in the Peak District and Snowdonia so these days are ONLY available to riders who have completed days one, two and three of the course previously, or if you are booking a four or five day course.

Discerning riders who want top notch motorcycle training travel here from all over the UK and abroad for this World Class training

Marc from Barcelona currently holds the record for riding furthest to do the course. A round trip of 2,225 Miles on his bike (plus another 657 training miles on his course).
Furthest travelled record is held by Keith from Malaysia. Congratulations both.

Staying locally while on your course is recommended because it adds to your pleasure by allowing you to focus fully on your riding, far from the cares and distractions of everyday life.

It also gives an easy and relaxed short ride to and from our base for the start and end of your riding day. Check out the Local Accommodation page.

Please be aware that there are no short cuts to Advanced Riding and three days is the recommended minimum.

If you want to book a 1 or 2 day version of a course it is perfectly OK but remember that these are compressed versions of the course and are recommended to be best booked as advanced refreshers.

SortedRide is based in Nantwich, an historic market town centrally situated within an easy half day's riding of most locations in the UK and Ireland.

We are just 7 miles west of junction 16 on the M6.

The training routes have been carefully selected to enhance your riding pleasure as well as providing the variety of road features which demonstrate the effectiveness of the techniques you will be learning.

We take full advantage of some of the many beautiful riding roads of Cheshire, Shropshire and Wales, including Snowdonia national park.

You will enjoy mile after mile of sweeping bends, some spectacular scenery, and the tremendous exhilaration of experiencing riding as it should be!

Make sure you get the training dates you want,
contact Terry now!