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I tried to retire but was persuaded to run more courses and I've decided to continue.

As I'm using a small bike, intended for retirement fun only, the courses are moderate speed. Happily, this actually makes it easier to learn.

Once you have the techniques you'll find they work at any speed slow, medium or fast.

Prices are reduced to reflect the lower running costs. If you would like to come along for a course just get in touch. Check available dates here.

Advanced Motorcycling

The Fabulous Mike Waite Police Advanced Riding Techniques courses are for civilian riders of all abilities

Mike Waite, an ex-police motorcycle instructor of vast experience set up this motorcycle training course and has trained hundreds of motorcyclists in the police system of riding and motorcycle safety.

The Magic of our "With Commentary" training

As you follow me I demonstrate the police advanced motorcycle riding techniques for you to see.

At the same time, you will hear my police style commentary over the high quality radio link as I explain for you:

  • Where I'm looking & what I'm seeing
  • The actions I'm taking
  • What the benefits are

Great Routes

The training routes have been carefully selected to enhance your riding pleasure.


Then, when you ride in front, my commentary continues for you:

  • Pointing out
  • Explaining
  • Adjusting

This highly enjoyable way of learning is also spectacularly efficient.

You will be amazed at how quickly your riding develops as you ride with me.

There is NO criticism or pulling apart of your ride, you learn in a positive, relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

This most rewarding riding system can be learnt by any rider. To come on the Advanced Motorcycle training Course all you need is a full licence (restricted is OK) and a bike (scooters are OK too).


Great Roads

We take full advantage of the beautiful riding roads of Cheshire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Wales, including Snowdonia national park.

All the advanced motorcycle courses are tailored to suit the ability and requirements of each student.

It does not matter what bike you ride or how long you have been riding, this advanced rider course will provide the skills and confidence you want.

I demonstrate, explain and teach the advanced biker techniques that are used by professional police riders so that you too can use them to become the best rider that you can be and:

  • Corner with Confidence
  • Say Goodbye to Near Misses
  • Overtake Safely and With Authority


Great Fun!

You will enjoy mile after mile of sweeping bends, some spectacular scenery, and the tremendous exhileration of riding as it should be!

"I never thought my gibbering wreck could be so swiftly sorted into advanced rider… Biking is now fun, at last!"

Marigold from Glossop - course student

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